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Who we are

‘Pod’ is a creative alliance of positive psychology (MAPP) and mindfulness practitioners who promote and consult on the best practice application of the science of wellbeing in education, business and life. The Pod Team operate both in collaboration and independently to support others in identifying, applying, developing and integrating best practice positive psychology based policy, interventions, behaviours and practices to protect against ill being, enhance lived experience and strengthen communities. Pod is committed to providing resources, guidance and professional services that are context specific and grounded in the latest neuroscience and evidenced based wellbeing initiatives. Our core hope is that together with you, our alliance leads people and communities to design and sustain lives that are: authentic, connected, enjoyable, healthy, meaningful, and productive.

Our point of difference

We recognise that every context both personal and organisational is unique and dynamic; therefore positive change measures need to be adapted and tailored to meet these unique needs and circumstances before being fully embedded in behaviours and cultures. We place a very high value on the strengths, experience and perspectives that already exist within individuals, teams, schools and workplaces. In our work we explicitly amplify these resources using tools and methods from the science of applied positive psychology. The aim always is to create authentic, sustainable, positive change.

Why we do what we do

We live in a complex, volatile and ambiguous world. A world that has as much potential to cause suffering as it does to cause immeasurable joy. As positive psychology practitioners we believe it is entirely possible to leverage the potential for good and wellness that already exists within people and communities to effect more joy. Quite simply, we do what we do because we believe we can change peoples’ worlds for the better.